Is it really possible to learn Brazilian music outside of Brazil?

Yes. It´s really possible!

 With renowned Brazilian teachers you will discover the main secrets. Learn the main harmonies, beats and more traditional rhythms of Brazilian music.

Tocata Brasileira teaches and contributes to the lives of hundreds students in Brazil, and now it’s your turn.

With classes equipped with graphic elements, you’ll be able to follow every detail of what our teachers are teaching in each video class. Also have access to all pdfs of Brazilian songs taught on our platform.


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live classes

During your period as a student at Tocata Brasileira you can answer all your questions directly with our teachers in live meetings fortnights.

You will be able to ask for advice, tips and musical suggestions for a better use and understanding of the musical subjects covered on the platform.

We’ll practically take your hand and guide you through all the steps you need to truly evolve.



exponents of the Brazilian guitar that support us

Tocata Brasileira

A reliable school, with an approved and accurate method that will help you to play at the level you always dreamed of

At Tocata Brasileira, classes are complete! In addition to learning to play an instrument, you will also learn the secrets of the harmonic constructions of each song taught on our platform. They are detailed and illustrated lessons with graphic elements such as sheet music, tablature and chord graphics. This way you will see and fully understand all the content that is being covered in our video classes.

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Learn to play the guitar in an effective and didactic way, understand the difficulties and ways to take advantage of everyday bodily resources in music learning!

Guitar MPB: If you like Brazilian guitar, this is your place. The compositions of these and many other artists helped to form what we now call Brazilian popular music. Come improve your repertoire and learn the rhythms that make up this true melting pot of good music, MPB!


Brazilian Guitar: The Brazilian guitar school is a school of excellence recognized worldwide. Masterfully joins both the solo and the accompaniment. Learn here how to play the most beautiful pieces composed for the guitar.

Bossa Nova Guitar: Learn to play the famous bossa nova beat. No mysteries and no complications! Boost your repertoire with handpicked songs, including the great bossa classics and also songs that will help you get a great technical development on the guitar.

Here you will learn all the necessary techniques to perform those beautiful basses and back chants that are characteristic of the language of this instrument. Have in hand a special repertoire to play in the samba and choro circles.

Music Theory: Don’t be musically illiterate! Here you learn to read and write music in an uncomplicated way, gaining tools to develop musically and become independent!

The harmony module will explore the basics of the subject, straight to stringed instruments, you will learn to map the notes, understand the logic of the instrument’s neck, take the initial steps to begin to understand, analyze and assemble your own harmonies to interpret Brazilian popular music.

Do you like samba, pagode or chorinho? In this module you will learn to play the great classics of these genres on the chip. Whether on the ground or in accompaniment, learn the techniques necessary to become a great cavaquinista.

Whether in chorinho, samba or MPB, the mandolin is an instrument that fits in any genre. Learn here the interpretation techniques that will make you play those beautiful choros in a captivating way!

The ukulele is here to stay! More and more people are becoming interested in this versatile instrument that appeals to all ages. Learn to play the classics of our music on the ukulele!

Discover how the guitar gained a very prominent place in Brazilian popular music!

Who is this module for? This module is aimed at enriching children’s musical education, Brazilian folklore, and is intended to enrich the musical vocabulary of parents and teachers when living with their children!



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A nossa plataforma fica disponível pra você a hora que você quiser, quanto tempo quiser e quantas vezes quiser, sem limites de visualizações ou acessos aos conteúdos! Não trabalhamos com prazo, ou seja, você pode ser nosso aluno o tempo que desejar e quiser.

With any of the membership plans you can watch and participate in everything we offer.

Our classes are recorded and in modules, in each of them you will learn repertoire, techniques, applied theory and culture. Our classes come with PDF material for you to print and practice whenever you can!

You can answer your questions directly with our teachers via WhatsApp or Telegram and have direct contact for any other type of musical subject you want to interact with! (Exclusive to students)

7 Day Warranty. You have 7 days to try it, if you don’t like it… we’ll refund your money!

Our school releases new content weekly and you are notified by WhatsApp, or by our exclusive group for students on Telegram.

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